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I am confident and motivated and hard working at what I do. Communicated well with others. I like working with people and learning from there experience. I take my work very seriously and I am dedicated to giving my best all the time. When it comes to work I always deliver my full capacity. I also work very well under pressure and always wiling to learn new things.



Age 40
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Address Cape Town

Education & Training

Afrikaans, English,Maths,Accounting,Economics,B Economic,Physical Science,Physiology

Matric, Bridgetown high school
Cape Town, Jan 1996 to Jan 2000




Cape Town, Mar 2013 to Dec 2014
Bakers are responsible for preparing and making baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, muffins, breads, tortillas and cakes. The duties and responsibilities of a baker differ according to work setting. For example, if you worked in a bakery or retail store, you'd likely fulfill orders for customers, whereas, if you worked in a factory setting for a manufacturer, you'd be mass-producing baked goods. If you enjoy making tasty baked goods in a kitchen setting, a baking career can be a good fit. Although your pay can start out on the low side, you have options, such as having your own bakery and becoming a specialist baker, which will increase your earnings.


Cape Town, Jan 2003 to Apr 2009
Job Duties and Tasks for: "Packer and Packager" 1) Mark and label containers, container tags, or products, using marking tools. 2) Measure, weigh, and count products and materials. 3) Examine and inspect containers, materials, and products in order to ensure that packing specifications are met.



Cooking Domestic work Event planning Home-based care Nanny / childcare Nursing



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