OfW Member CV


I regard myself as a very hard working person,therefore doing things the right way.I am open for growth and development,an work well in Teams.I believe i am a good asset to any company and have no criminal record and consider myself to be a honest person,well spoken and capable of any task given to me.



Age 35
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Address Cape Town

Languages Afrikaans

Education & Training

English,Afrikaans,Maths lit,Life orientation,Business studies,History,Life Science

Grade 10, Kensington High School
Kensington, Jan 2000 to Mar 2003
History-is good to know it help us to understand allot that`s happening in the world an about our past.English-This is a language that is very important so that we can communicate with allot of people who`s second language is English.Business studies helps us with markerting an helping us with our business sectors.




Meondo Holdings
Cape Town, May 2016 to Aug 2017

Shop Assistant

Toys R us
Cape Town, Nov 2012 to May 2015



Bookkeeping Cashier Cooking Customer service Domestic work Home-based care Marketing Nanny / childcare



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