OfW Member CV


I am sensitive, affectionate, imaginative and cooperative. I am spirirtually aware, prone to self-sacrifice;I can keep secrets and a good diplomat. I have an eventful, exciting life. I am versatile and have the ability to learn easily. I am dependable, very down-to-earth and well grounded. Constantly looking for meaningful work, a career where I can take pride in my work and do the best of my capability. My prime desire is to build, protect and secure an environment at home and at work



Age 28
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Address Cape Town

Languages English, Afrikaans

Education & Training

Branch Volunteer Staff Training

Certificate, Organising For Work (OFW)
Kensington, Cape Town, Mar 2019 to Mar 2019
Five day course that covered spreadsheets, word processing, calendars, running workshops,policy and advocacy around unemployment in South Africa

B.Sc Biodiversity & Conservation Biology

Degree, University of the Western Cape
Bellville, Feb 2012 to Apr 2017
MODULES: Biodiversity & Conservation Level II: Animal Diversity; Plant Ecophysiology; Plant Diversity; Population Biology& Evolution. Level III: Biogeography, Macro Ecology & Ecological Diversity; Living Landscape & Conservation Planning; Animal Ecophysiology & Behavioural Ecology; Ecology & Genetics; Community Ecology & Genetics. OTHER MODULES: Level I and level II Biotechnology 211 & 215, chemistry 116 & 126; English for Educational Development 117 (science); Environmental & Sustainability Studies (111, 112, 121, 122, 131, 132) Life Sciences 141 & 142; Medical Biosciences 111 &121; statics 125


Century gate campus, Jan 2009 to Dec 2011
NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE RESULTS Afrikaans First Additional Language (80%) Life Orientation (69%) Life Sciences (68%) English Home Language (58%) Physical Sciences (54%) Mathematics (52%) Economics (52%) ACHIEVMENTS Grade 12 (2011) Subject merit for Afrikaans First Additional Language Principle’s award for phenomenal perseverance Grade 11 (2010) Subject merit for Afrikaans First Additional Language Subject merit for Mathematics



Educational Assistant

Wingfield Primary School
Kensington, Dec 2020 to Apr 2021
Classroom management, supervision of curriculum, be vigilant, continual observation, help prepare relevant material, assist with class reading program, supervise study periods, provide extra classes, provide learner feedback, identify diagnostic gaps, identify learning barriers, provide parental support

Sales Assistant

STERNS Parow Centre
Sanlam Centre, Parow, Feb 2020 to Jun 2020
Additional skills to working as a Fashion Fixer: MANUAL PRICE CHANGE* on New Lay-by system for catalogue markdowns, however do not have personal access. MANUAL PRICE CHANGE* on Point-of-Service (i.e. F12) on cash and entry sales for catalogue markdowns. Log repairs to jewelers on Point-of-Service (option 14). Calling customers to collect repairs. Cellphone sales. RICA (still requires practice). Counting of watches only- regular weekly stock check. Packing and unpacking windows morning and end-of-day. Filling dockets (all store closure documents- filing sensitives, cellular, acknowledgements, etc).

Volunteer Branch Staff

Organising for work
Kensington, Cape Town, Dec 2019 to May 2019
Assisting members signing up, creating good CV's, making job applications, running workshops, using spreadsheets, word processing, setting up meetings, branch admin and informing members about the values and philosophy of the movement and unemployment

Fashion fixer

The Fix Goodwood
Goodwood mall, Nov 2019 to Jan 2020
Check store KPI (yesterday/today) or Home>Reports> KPI dashboard. Home>Find stock; My acknowledgemnts; T&A ETM (clock in). Making of The Fix lay-by's using the new lay-by system. Point-of-Service that I am familiar with: 1 Cash sale (purchase, airtime & load gift card), 2 Entry Sale, 3 Cash Sale refund, 4 credit note, 5 receipts (account payments), 8 Customer enquiry (print mini statements); 10 Price look-up (and discount marking with sticker gun), 11 Gift card enguiry (balance), 15 New lay-by payment, 16 New lay-by cancellation. Other: folding denims, vigilance on floor, Filing dockets (receipts, cash sale, entry sale, EFT'S), general housekeeping, rewards card registration.


Cheetah Outreach
De Beers Avenue, Paardevlei, Somerset West, Jun 2019 to Aug 2019
Daily tasks varied from day to day. Tasks include Greeting visitors, ticket sales, collecting keys for cash boxes, preparing food for tortoises, moving adult and baby tortoises from night shelter to daily enclosure, tagging along with a Caracal and trusted volunteer, Anatolian shepherd dogs and trusted volunteer for walks, closing rodent holes in running enclosure for weekly cheetah exercises (yes, spades included). Housekeeping: Washing meat dishes of animals, cleaning toilets, sweeping, hanging meerkat laundry.

Scale Operator

Paarl Media
Montague Gardens, Mar 2018 to May 2018
I worked night shift from 6am to 6pm, weighing pellets that are placed on a scale, scanning the flag on the given pallet, logging onto an excel sheet on a computer.

Examination Invigilator

Examination Invigilation
University of the Western Cape, Nov 2017 to Dec 2017
Task included collecting exam books and control forms from the administration building at 7am in the morning. prepare the exam venue for 9am/ 14h00 tests. Take students to the bathroom to prevent cheating; collect exam scripts when students are done writing; count the number books collected. Check number of students and number of control forms collected are equal.

‘Learn to Swim’ (LTS) coach and Swimming Pool Marketer

University of the Western Cape Swimming pools
University of the Western Cape, Bellville, Apr 2017 to Aug 2017
Teach children aged 4 to 9 about pool safety in and around the water. Draw up letters and go to the Primary and High schools Bellville, Behar, Kensington areas with letters informing them about UWC’s LTS Program. Make flyers and Posters for UWC’s fun gala


Cape Flats Nature Reserve (CFNR)
University of the Western Cape, Bellville, Apr 2017 to May 2017
responsible for making information cards about the ecology of the fauna found in the CFNR, Thus researching information in journals regarding the animal's description, average size, habitat, diet, life history & behaviour

Practical demonstrator

Life Science Building, University of the Western Cape, Module: Biodiversity & Conservation Biology 212: Plant Ecophysiology
University of the Western Cape, Bellville, Aug 2016 to Oct 2016
Responsibilities include making sure students are working efficiently; checking that students are adhering to lab safety rules; assisting in clarifying possible confusions as well as doing headcounts on excursions. Other duties include communicating with other demonstrators to divide duties, marking of prelab tasks, practical assessments and essays and emailing marks to other demonstrators and module professor, Prof. AJ Smit

Practical demonstrator

Life Science Building, UWC, Module: Life science 141
Life Science Building, University of the Western Cape, Jan 2015 to Jun 2015
I was given the responsibility to assist students to improve their learning, and also be responsible for marking practicle books and emailing the marks to the practical coordinator Mrs. Lorne Gelderbloem

Voluntary Financial book manager and treasurer

Pentecostal Protestant church- Factreton Branch
103 Factreton Avenue, Kensington, Feb 2013 to Nov 2016
My duties entailed keeping register of attendance, collecting fees and noting own who paid youth fees for the week; between 7pm – 9pm every Thursday evening.

Kennel attendant

People Dispensary for Sick Animals (South Africa)- PDSA(SA)
Tarenraal road, Bridgetown, Jun 2011 to Jun 2011
I cleared and scrubbed the kennels; and made sure the dogs had fresh water and food.



Bookkeeping Cooking Drawing Good computer literacy Marketing Spreadsheets Teaching / tutoring Word processing Writing reports



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